"Our ability to fully reimagine public safety will be directly dependent on our desire to
finally end state sponsored violence against members of our own community – most
often who are people of color. Together, we can reimagine public safety in a way that is
centered in community and seeks to dismantle the racist, violent, oppressive tenants
that were baked into our system long before any officer currently on the street ever wore

a badge."

-Loretta Smith

My plan for police reform:

(1) Lobby for a change in state law to exclude law enforcement misconduct from the

protection of qualified immunity; direct the Portland City Attorney to immediately cease

asserting qualified immunity claims in cases involving law enforcement misconduct;


(2) Community-led redirection of 20% of the proposed FY21 Portland Police Bureau

budget to community programs/services and alternative approaches to public safety;


(3) Immediate and indefinite prohibition on the use of all chemical weapons, long range

acoustic devices, grenades, and rubber bullets for crowd control efforts;


(4) Community Review of PPB use of force trainings, policies, and directives;


(5) Referral of ballot measure for the November 2020 election to create a Non-Police

Civilian Independent Police Review Commission within the Portland City Charter.


The specifics of each of the five action items can be found in my proposal for reimagining public safety and police accountability. It is my sincerest hope that council will immediately take up these common-sense, practical reforms, but I also stand ready to introduce these five initiatives on my first day after being sworn in as a Portland City Commissioner should the voters elect me in August.

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