"This is a different race than last time," she said. "This campaign will be about poverty and helping minimized communities. This is about service. This is about saying, 'Poverty is not a crime.'"  

Loretta Smith Enters Race for City Council, Agrees to Donation Limits

County Commissioners, employees and community members honored the service of District 2 Commissioner Loretta Smith on Thursday, Dec. 20, during the Board’s regularly scheduled meeting.  

Commissioner Loretta Smith honored at Dec. 20 board meeting for service, 'tenacity and vision'

Broadly, Smith said, the money will go to agencies that provide services targeted at African American, Latino, Native American and immigrant communities. The agencies, working as a coalition, must use the funding to reduce school absenteeism and improve graduation rates among minority youth. 

Minority youth get $1 million cut of Multnomah County budget in major win for Loretta Smith

Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith, who has been one of the program’s biggest supporters, helped get funding for 25 interns.She’s helped double funding every year she’s been involved, and this year, the number has grown to about 500.​  

Without Summerworks ‘I’d be doing nothing with my life’

"We want to make sure our policy is to serve everyone in our community without reservation and without fear of reporting them to immigration,'' Commissioner Loretta Smith said. "We are a safety net government. We are a place where you can come if children are sick or hungry. We are not a policing organization, our goal is to serve the most vulnerable.'' ​  

Commissioners Make Multnomah a 'Sanctuary' County

Elevate Inclusive Fund invests in startups founded by women, minorities and veterans, with backing from Portland-area government agencies and private entrepreneurs. The decision by Prosper Portland and Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith and other local agencies to invest in venture capital raised some eyebrows, but Elevate Capital has seen rapid success.  

Elevate Inclusive Fund Scores a Big Win With a Portland Software Startup

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